Font Salem boasts a select range of own-brand beers and soft drinks, which have been introduced to different international markets.

CINTRA: Portugal imported the essence of what defines its beers from its colonies, and exports CINTRA to more than 20 countries. For anyone who has lived in or experienced Portugal, CINTRA is evocative of its way of being, its customs and its passion for the finer things in life. The CINTRA range includes beers, non-alcoholic beers and soft drinks.

PRIMA: A beer designed in Europe for America. Old continent colonials took the flavour and customs from these lands with them to create a smooth, full-bodied beer with personality. PRIMA is one of our leading beers imported to several countries on the American continent.

TAGUS: An elegant, traditional Premium Portuguese beer, created to stick in consumers' minds, reminding them of all of Portugal's values. Perfect for the most demanding beer connoisseurs that seek in TAGUS Portuguese flavour par excellence.

BURGE MEESTER: From the northern European abbeys, BURGE MEESTER transmits the reminiscence of a full, deep, unique flavour. This beer represents the monks' meditation, their silence and wisdom that has endured for generations. A complete line of beers from 0.0% to 16% alc.

WIERQUER: Beer inspired by central European recipes. A combination of the legacy and knowledge gathered from several classic cultures, blended to create an unmistakable flavour.

TOP BEER: Perfect for young people that are looking for a quality beer that is unique and fresh and makes them feel like they're part of something new.

LA ESPAÑOLA: Is there anything more Spanish than this beer? A perfect blend of tradition, the here-and-now, culture, art, freshness, sunshine, quality; all in the right proportions.

KOPERWIEK: Perfect beer for those wanting to sample new and unique elements. KOPERWIEK's flavour reveals characteristics from different European cultures.

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HÖCHSTER: A beer that combines the essence of European flavours and transports them across borders. HÖCHSTER successfully conveys these characteristics and becomes a benchmark in the international arena.

FRISED: A carbonated soft drink brand that boasts a wide range of flavours and formats to suit all clients' preferences.

BRIZO: Perfect for those who look for the best price/quality on the soft-drinks market.

CONTACT: Full range of energy drinks designed for young people that seek a strong, quality product.

DEL SOL: Range of soft drinks, sangrias and flavoured-beer drinks with a relaxed, original character. Drinks inspired by the Mediterranean light and sunshine.